Planning Guides with Lyrics

When I use my geography learning songs, I like to have an outline of all the songs nearby. So, to help my family and homeschool co-op keep organized, I wrote these planning guide to outline the countries and geographical terminology included in each song. The songs are listed in the order of our study, as outlined in our Three Year Geography Cycle. We use these guides to know exactly what countries we are learning each Continue Reading →

Listening Pages for Music of Africa Playlist

This post contains listening pages to engage and guide students while listening to my Traditional Music of Africa playlist. The videos are available on my website and my YouTube channel. The playlist features 13 genres with 26 examples. Listening Pages Traditional African music is amazing because its influences is heard all around the world. Additionally, the diversity of African musical traditions is a reminder of the massive size of the continent. After all, Africa is Continue Reading →

Using Music to Memorize Geography

We all know the experience of recalling the words to a song that we haven’t sung or heard in decades. This is particularly true with music we hear as young children. The child’s brain is a powerful sponge on its own. And music presented to a child is quickly absorbed like water. Music is a powerful medium to harness the brain. When we put information into a melody and rhythm, the brain retains the information Continue Reading →

Big List of Free Online Geography Resources

After crowding my browser with a million bookmarks, I started this list for my own home school and now I’m sharing it with you. Bookmark this page and check back often. Whenever I find something special, I’ll add it here. I don’t use all these resources all the time and I don’t expect you to either. After all, I like a no-fuss, no-prep approach. Consider your current geography study and browse the list based on Continue Reading →

How to Print Maps at Home for Free

Whether my children and I are reading about science, history, or literature, I often find myself wanting a blank map they can color, label, or in some way, interact with. Maps on the wall are great for browsing and pointing out locations, but sometimes I want something different. Blank maps are great tools for younger children to color. They may not know all the country names, but it’s sure gets them familiar with the country Continue Reading →

Listening Pages for Music of the Americas Playlist

I love exploring the different musical traditions, costumes, and dances around the world. It’s amazing that despite the diversity, all music serves the same purpose of bringing people together. Now, just as each culture is unique, it is natural that each culture brings people together in a unique way. As a result, we have an incredibly wide variety of melodies, scales and rhythms, and instruments. So, as I prepare to introduce my children to the Continue Reading →

Six Beautiful World Geography Picture Books

Read Alouds that Create Global Citizens Through Amazing Illustrations When I look for good picture books, the illustrations are just as important as the prose. Over the years, I have come across a handful of truly beautiful geography books that have also kept the attention of my littles by exuding the fun and diversity of our great big world. These powerfully illustrated books will surely spark the curiosity of your children as well. All books Continue Reading →

8 No-Fuss, No-Prep Geography Activities

This post contains Amazon affiliate links. My children are young (pre-K through 2nd grade), so teaching them the basics of geography is tough. At this young age, my daily homeschool focus is reading, writing, and arithmetic and there isn’t extra time for fussy geography lessons. However, both my kids and I really enjoy our geography time so I realize that if I want to fit a little geography into the week, it must be simple Continue Reading →

Today’s Geography Joke

To brighten your day and spread geography joy, I post geography-inspired jokes now and then. Keep reading below for geographic tidbits related to today’s joke. Enjoy:) Q: Why don’t you see penguins in Great Britain? A: Because they’re afraid of Wales. Great Britain is an island that contains three semi-autonomous regions: England, Scotland, and Wales. Together, with Northern Ireland, these regions/countries make up the United Kingdom. Wales is a region/country on the island of Great Continue Reading →

Online Geography Games Wednesday

There are so many online geography games. And I love them all!! Well, some more than others. On Wednesdays, I share the best games I’ve found that week. To get these posts directly to your inbox, be sure to subscribe. This week, I’m sharing a clicking map game from To play, race against the clock to click specific states on a map. But, not so fast! There’s no state outlines on the map. Yikes! Continue Reading →