Big List of Free Online Geography Resources

After crowding my browser with a million bookmarks, I started this list for my own home school and now I’m sharing it with you. Bookmark this page and check back often. Whenever I find something special, I’ll add it here.

I don’t use all these resources all the time and I don’t expect you to either. After all, I like a no-fuss, no-prep approach. Consider your current geography study and browse the list based on what you need. If you find an outdated or broken link, or if you find something to add, leave a link in the comments section or email me at

If you want to share this resource list with others, please send them directly to my web page. Thank you geography friends!

The links are organized by region.


Geography Songs for Everyone Learning Songs – Of course these songs are amazing because I wrote them! Through this website or my YouTube channel you can stream 58 original learning songs that cover the countries of the world and U.S. states and capitals. You can also download songs, individually as an album, through my online store.

Cathy Duffy’s Home School Reviews This is site is the best place to begin researching curriculum options.

Around the World Country Unit Studies – Knowledge Quest will email free unit studies on specific countries. Unit studies allow students to dig deeper into cultural studies with this program and it includes things like regional food, music, costume, traditions, and so forth.

Gathering the World Around Your Christmas Table Cookbook – Here’s another resource by Knowledge Quest. It’s a free cookbook and is a great way to incorporate geography around holiday time.

Globalmania – This is my last Knowledge Quest recommendation. It is a free ebook that attempts to lead the reader to master world geography in 7 months. It’s worth browsing if this is your goal.

Big List of World Geography Resources at Half a Hundred Acre Wood – Half a Hundred Acre Wood is an amazing blog. She has an active list of geography resources that is a good place to browse if you’re looking for something specific.

Christian Faith-Based Activities – Wycliffe Bible Translators works around the world translating the Bible into different languages. This web page is full of family activities related to specific countries and languages.

Map Printables

First Step Map Drawing (Blob Maps) – Half a Hundred Acre Woods. Love this blog. I use these often for my children who are just beginning to draw maps and learn the continents. The blog offers blank maps, those with continent/ocean names, and maps on latitude/longitude lines.

Tracing and Coloring Blank Maps – This site has dozens of different kinds of map for each continent and country. Want a map of Botswana that includes major cities and rivers? This is the place! Great for detailed tracing and labeling. This is my preferred map resource for tracing, coloring, or drawing.

MegaMaps – Owl & Mouse. This is amazing. You can print maps from 1 to 8 pages across. If only my walls were big enough.

Online Games and Quizzes

Seterra Geography

Sheppard Software Geography Games

Owl & Mouse Geography Games and Puzzles

United States

U.S. States and Capitals File Folder Game – Half a Hundred Acre Wood. This is a simple, portable, affordable way to review U.S. geography.

BIG List of U.S. Geography Resources at Half a Hundred Acre Woods – Half a Hundred Acre Wood. Love this blog. This is a good resource to browse.


Exploring Africa Lesson Outlines and Activities – This site is ran by the African Studies Center at Michigan State University in support of educators teaching African history and geography. It provides an outline of five unit studies, which I would describe as outlines rather than full lesson plans. Nonetheless, it is a great head start for teaching middle school and high school age students. I especially like the African history portion and its accompanying maps.

Geography Lesson Plans by Boston University – This site is designed and maintained by the African Studies Center at Boston College. It offers lesson plans for older students – middle and high school age. Plus, it links to an amazing interactive AfricaMap designed by Harvard University. It highlights parts of the continent based on criteria or layers you choose. My favorites are the maps of historical kingdoms by century, settlement of people groups by century, language families by century, and the activity during the Atlantic slave trade. Warning – this site is robust, and therefore, clunky. I had to restart it a few times. I suspect it works better on some browsers over others, and it can get “confused” if you click too many layers.

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