Geography Cycle, Year 1: Africa

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As I prepare to start Story of the World Volume 1, I am adding geography to the mix. The first half of Story of the World Vol. 1 focuses on Africa and nearby regions, therefore, we will study African geography first. The second half of Story of the World Vol. 1 focuses on the Greeks and Romans, so we study Europe in the second semester.

This plan is part of a three-year geography cycle organized by my homeschool co-op, Del Rey Parochial Academy. Click here to get more information on this three-year geography cycle.

On this page, you’ll find videos and chapter and picture book suggestions that correlate week by week with Geography Cycle, Year 1. This is a work in process, so please be patient. If you have suggestions, please leave a comment.

As you listen to the geography songs, download my Planning Guide with Lyrics. This PDF outlines the countries and geographical terminology included in each song.

General Book List:

Week 1: Continents

Week 2: Oceans

Week 3: Geography of Africa

Week 4: North Africa


  • The Butter Man by Elizabeth Letts is a picture book about the Berber communities in North Africa. I don’t think it’s in print any longer, but larger library systems will. I found one in the LA County system.
  • Deep in the Sahara by Kelly Cunnane is a picture book about the women in a Muslim community and a little girl’s curiosity about their traditional dress.

Week 5: West Africa, Part 1


Week 6: West Africa, Part 2

Note: Cape Verde is not accurately represented on this map. I am in the process of editing the video.


Week 7: Central Africa, Part 1


Week 8: Central Africa, Part 2

Week 9: Horn of Africa

Week 10: East Africa


Week 11: Southern Africa, Part 1


Week 12: Southern Africa, Part 2


Week 13: Sovereign Island Nations in the Indian Ocean

Europe is coming soon.