Listening Pages for Music of Africa Playlist

This post contains listening pages to engage and guide students while listening to my Traditional Music of Africa playlist. The videos are available on my website and my YouTube channel. The playlist features 13 genres with 26 examples.

Listening Pages

Traditional African music is amazing because its influences is heard all around the world. Additionally, the diversity of African musical traditions is a reminder of the massive size of the continent. After all, Africa is the second largest continent, after Asia.

This year, my children and I will re-start our Three-Year Geography Cycle with Africa. My oldest child already knows the countries well, so I wanted to add traditional African music as a new dimension to our study. My younger children love different kinds of music and dance, so I know this will engage them and make them excited about Africa and, as a woman with African heritage, this is important to me.

The listening page is designed to help my children pay attention and listen thoughtfully and are intended to grow with the student. I share these pages with you and hope they may be a useful supplement to your own study of Africa.

On each page, the student identifies the country/region of origin for the particular genre, then trace/write the country name, draw the flag and color the country outline on a map. At this time, you could discuss what they know about that country.

Then, they can trace/write the genre and draw a picture of what the music brings to mind. For some students, this will be difficult to do. If it’s easier, they can describe the music using words or word pictures. Over time, however, this listening exercise becomes more comfortable.

The download includes blank pages, tracing pages in print and tracing pages in cursive that follow my playlist.

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Check out my Traditional Music of Africa playlist before you get started.

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