Listening Pages for Music of the Americas Playlist

I love exploring the different musical traditions, costumes, and dances around the world. It’s amazing that despite the diversity, all music serves the same purpose of bringing people together. Now, just as each culture is unique, it is natural that each culture brings people together in a unique way. As a result, we have an incredibly wide variety of melodies, scales and rhythms, and instruments. So, as I prepare to introduce my children to the traditional music of North America, South America, and the Caribbean, I knew I had to help them listen carefully and not immediately dismiss anything that sounded unfamiliar or “wierd”.

First, I researched the most influential and prominent musical genres across the Americas. I call the playlist Music of the Americas and posted it on my blog and on my YouTube Channel.

Second, I designed a listening page to help my little children pay attention and listen thoughtfully. I share these pages with you and hope they may be a useful supplement to your own study of the Americas.

On each page, the children identify the country of origin for the particular genre, then trace/write the country name, draw the flag and color the country outline on a map. At this time, you could discuss what they know about that country.

Then, they can trace/write the genre and draw a picture of what the music brings to mind. For some children, this will be difficult to do. If it’s easier, they can describe the music using words or word pictures. Over time, however, this listening exercise becomes more comfortable.

The download includes blank pages to be used with songs from your own library as well tracing pages in print and cursive that follow my playlist.

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Check out my Music of the Americas playlist before you get started.

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