Online Geography Games Wednesday

There are so many online geography games. And I love them all!! Well, some more than others. On Wednesdays, I share the best games I’ve found that week. To get these posts directly to your inbox, be sure to subscribe.

This week, I’m sharing a clicking map game from To play, race against the clock to click specific states on a map. But, not so fast! There’s no state outlines on the map. Yikes! Oh, and if you make a mistake, the game is instantly over. I lost after overestimating the size of Texas and clicking too far north in search of Oklahoma.

This game is great for students who have a strong knowledge of the US states and want an extra challenge. Click here to be redirected to the quiz: “FIND THE US STATES – NO OUTLINES“. Enjoy!


If your student is beginning to learn the US map, listen to my US States and Capitals geography songs. Each song focuses on a region and sings the states in order to teach proper placement.

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