Three Year Geography Cycle


I love homeschool co-ops. My co-op is organized through my church and it’s called Del Rey Parochial Academy. We sync our general curriculum so that we can study and learn together. It’s great. Early on we decided to make geography a priority and teach our students to recite every country in the world. Now, memorizing the entire world is a big endeavor, so we stretched out the load over three years.This system works because it portions geography memorization into manageable little chunks.

We study geography alongside Story of the World. The first half of Story of the World Vol. 1 focuses on Africa and nearby regions, therefore, we study Africa geography first. The second half of Story of the World Vol. 1 focuses on the Greeks and Romans, so we study Europe in the second semester.

Yes, I realize Story of the World is a four year cycle and our geography is only three years. This is a work in progress that still needs a lot of work. 🙂

Cycle Outline

YearFall SemesterSpring Semester
Year 1Africa, Oceans, ContinentsEurope
Year 2AsiaOceania and Americas
Year 3United StatesUnited States review

The year is divided into 24 weeks and each week is assigned one region and corresponding song. To implement this, some families will sing or listen to the week’s assigned song everyday at breakfast. Other families will listen to the entire year’s songs in the car.

You can download this three-year cycle expanded into a week by week table below. It assumes 24 weeks of geography each year.

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I have completed the complete cycle one time and I am preparing to start again. As I make materials, I will post them under “Resources”, so bookmark this page and check back often.

Listen to my geography learning songs (watch free here and shop to download here).