About the Music

Personally, I love geography and day dreaming about all the far away places around the world. When I was approached to write geography songs, I knew they had to be fun and inspire fellow day dreamers like me. And they also needed to be highly functional and lead the listener to actually learn. Here’s how I incorporated both these goals:

High Function:
  • Countries in geographical order – Songs sing through the countries in the order they appear on a map. As the student sings, he/she can point to a map and move the finger to each country as its sung. As a result, students learn both country name and proper placement.
  • Small groupings – Each song highlights no more than seven countries to aid memorization.
  • Geographical context – Most songs feature lyrics that offer context regarding the location of the region and/or its global significance.
  • Geographical terminology – General geographical terminology is inserted throughout the songs, ie. isthmus, as well as specific landmarks, ie, Lake Titicaca, to spark conversations and further study.
High Inspiration:
  • Diverse musical themes – Each song is inspired by the region highlighted resulting in diverse melodies, harmonies, and rhythms throughout the collection to keep the ear engaged.
  • Simple accompaniment – Each track is produced without melodic accompaniment to accentuate lyrics and country pronunciation.
  • Repetition – Most songs feature repetition of the countries as well as the region name to help listeners pick up on the place names and practice singing along.

I always make these songs available for free on my website. Check out my online store to download the music to any device.