Wondering where to find Niue, Namibia, and Nauru?

Explore the videos below to memorize world geography through music. 

Happy listening!



If you’re reading this then you want to learn geography! That makes me so very happy. I love geography and I love songwriting. When my homeschool co-op decided to memorize the countries of the world, they asked me to put all the countries into song. At that moment, Geography Songs for Everyone was born! 


Since then, Geography Songs for Everyone is listened to around the world through Spotify, iTunes, Facebook Music, Pandora, and more!


Learn more about my project below. Happy listening and happy learning!



- Katrina Holland

How it works


There are other geography learning songs out there, but our co-op needed something better. Here’s what makes Geography Songs for Everyone special:


Easy Listening

  • Songs are musically inspired by each region, so they all sound different and engaging.    

  • Songs are composed simply with only vocals and rhythm instruments so lyrics are clearly heard, understood and easy to sing. 

Easy Learning

  • Each song contains only a small region, seven countries or less so the information is learned in smaller chunks.

  • Countries are sung in the order they appear on a map so students remember each country’s relative position.

  • Most songs contain fun geographical trivia to spark conversation and further study


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