Wondering where to find Niue, Namibia, and Nauru?

Explore the videos below to memorize world geography through music. 

Happy listening!


As my children grow, I create worksheets that correlate to my geography songs and I share some of them here. I use these to reinforce and review content. I keep them simple and easy to use. If you prefer to access all of these as a convenient single download (and help me earn a little extra money!), visit my Teacher Pay Teachers storeRemember, you can always stream my geography songs for free on Spotify, Amazon Music, and watch on YouTube.


Want to download all Europe worksheets at once for only $6? Want the songs as an MP3?

At my Teachers Pay Teachers store, you can get the Memorize Europe Countries and Memorize Europe Capitals printables as single downloads for only $6.00. Each download includes a lesson plan, learning songs and recitations in mp3 format and dozens of activity pages.

If you prefer free stuff (I know I do!) check out the samples below. Feel free to use in your homeschool or classroom.

If you've found these worksheets helpful and you're ready to take the plunge check out my biggest download  -  MEGA Memorize Countries of the World. This download takes you through 203 countries and 7 territories, region by region.


To kick-start your memorization, check out these fun word searches.  I've made the hidden message word search available for free below. For younger students, the hidden message portion is optional.

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 Review Europe Countries

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Review Europe Capitals

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