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Explore the videos below to memorize world geography through music. 

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How to Memorize the U.S. Presidents

I never memorized all the presidents of the United States and I confess it always bothered me. Unheard of presidents occupying the empty squares in my crossword puzzle. Mysterious faces winking at me from ten dollar bills. Then, one day, I had a brilliant idea. "Hey, I homeschool and this is my chance. I'm going to memorize the presidents and make my children memorize them too! Muahahaha" 

So I took a detour from US geography and wrote a presidents song.  (Still learning your US capitals? Check out these learning songs!)I listened to it a few times a week and viola! I learned my presidents! I wish I did this years ago.  

For my children, I had to get organized. So, I divided the presidents into 8 groups and we tackled one group at a time over 8 weeks. Each week, we listened to the song, did a few worksheets (which I link to below for FREE), and viola! They know their presidents too. 

Aren't learning songs great!?

You can watch below (or directly from YouTube) and listen on Spotify or Amazon Music.

Title page

Download all worksheets as a single PDF for only $6.00!

This 60+ page download includes a lesson plan, independent-study syllabus, quizzes, worksheets (hidden message word search, copy work, crossword with name matching, place in order challenge), answer key, PLUS an audio mp3 file and video mp4 file of the song.

I share these worksheets for homeschoolers. And as the wife of a public school teacher, I make the documents classroom-friendly.

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FREE Download

To kick-start your memorization, I've made the hidden message word search available for free below. For younger students, the hidden message portion is optional.

Download Hidden Message Word Search