About the Music

A strong knowledge of geography makes history, social studies, current events, and literature come alive! Geography Songs for Everyone was created by a homeschooler who loves geography and wanted her own children to appreciate our expansive globe and their place within it. These songs are designed for easy listening and easy learning for both children and adults.

Easy Learning:
  • Countries in geographical order – Songs sing through the countries in the order they appear on a map. This allows the student to point to a map and move the finger to each country as its sung. As a result, students learn country name and proper placement.
  • Small groupings – Each song highlights no more than seven countries to aid memorization.
  • Geographical context – Most songs feature lyrics that offer context regarding the location of the region and/or its global significance.
  • Geographical terminology – General geographical terminology is inserted throughout the songs, ie. isthmus, as well as specific landmarks, ie, Lake Titicaca, to spark conversations and further study.
Easy Listening:
  • Diverse musical themes – Each song is inspired by the region highlighted resulting in a variety of melodies, harmonies, and rhythms throughout the collection to keep the ear engaged.
  • Simple accompaniment – Each track is produced without accompaniment that can deter from accurately hearing the lyrics and country pronunciation.
  • Repetition – Most songs feature repetition of the countries as well as the region name to help listeners pick up on the place names and practice singing along.

Listen to songs for free here or on my YouTube Channel. Visit my online store to buy songs as an MP3.